E-Learning refers to the collaborative use of electronic media and ICT within education:

  • multi-media learning 
  • technology enhanced learning
  • computer based training
  • computer assist instruction
  • internet based training
  • web based training
  • online education
  • virtual education
  • virtual learning environments

Parks suggested that the “e”  in E-learning should refer to “everything, everyone, engaging, easy”

  • Everything: A wide range of sources through the World Wide Web
  • Everyone: Anyone can access these sources through the internet. Classroom Blogs and Wikis enable a sense of belonging and direction for students and can be accessible beyond the school gates
  • Engaging: Through different education platforms students are encouraged to participate, through audio, visual etc.
  • Easy: Easily accessible!

E-learning is the terminology that describes the form of education using electronic technology. This form of hybrid learning is greatly used in today’s classrooms as information is easily accessible through the World Wide Web. This an example of collaborative learning within the classroom and enables students to become facilitators of their own learning. Class blogs and wikis are another example of collaborative learning. On these platforms students are able to communicate and explore concepts beyond the school gates into their home environment. This provides them with easy access to homework, study tools and may even be able to seek assistance form their teacher outside of school hours.

This is a great way to further enhance student learning and through the use of technology teachers are able to communicate content on a relatable platform.

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Resource: Personal Learning Environments – the future of eLearning?

Reference: What’s the ‘e’ in E-Learning?


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